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    “Fika” is a Swedish term meaning “to have coffee.” But it’s so much more than that. It is a time in the afternoon when you gather together and socialize. Growing up with a Swedish mother and grandparents, 3:00 coffee was a normal part of life. We would gather at my grandparents house after school, have fika and talk about what’s going on in our lives. I want talking about personal finance to be this way too - like friends talking over coffee. The subject can carry a lot of weight and many of us feel ill equipped to handle the challenge of managing it well. But don’t give up, you can have a healthy relationship with money and I can help you in that journey.


    Through one-on-one coaching, I will give you a full, clear picture of your financial situation and help you devise a plan that aligns with your goals and values.


    All meetings are done virtually via video conference, allowing me to serve all locations nationwide.

  • FAQ

    What the heck is financial coaching, anyway?

    Is financial coaching and financial advising the same thing?

    This is a common misunderstanding, but they are actually quite different. As your personal finance coach, I can meet you at any point in your financial journey. My goal is to help you get a clear, complete picture of where you are, and walk along side you as you work toward your goals. I do not sell any products nor do I advise on specific investments.

    What does a financial coaching program look like?

    You will begin with a 2 hour Spotlight Session. This is an in-depth look at where you are at in your financial journey, and will give you a plan for your money that is in alignment with your values. You will leave this session with more confidence and less stress around money. Continuation programs vary in length and price, depending on your specific situation.

    What will I take away from a coaching program?

    The goal of a financial coaching program is to identify your specific areas of stress and uncertainty around money, and develop a plan that works for YOU. You will learn and implement valuable skills, such as:

    • Budgeting for a variable income
    • Working together with your spouse
    • Paying off debt
    • Getting organized and streamlined
    • Controlling spending
    • Planning for future holidays/events/celebrations
    • Identifying goals and values

    How do I know if financial coaching is right for me?

    Let's talk! Schedule a free 15 minute Q&A session below. There is no obligation to sign up for coaching.


    Straight from the horse's mouth

    Ahna helped me as I planned for a large medical surgery. I am now post surgery and debt free due to her advice.

    She has coached me through many of my other financial ventures and helped me achieve my financial goals. I bought a car recently for cash and was able to stay in budget with the help of Ahna.

    She is easy to talk to and very professional. I always go to Ahna with my financial freak outs and joys!

    - Kirsten, Bend OR

    Ahna has been an incredible help for me and my personal finances. She has a way of explaining and simplifying things in a non-judgmental way, and helps me see what financial steps I need to make today so I can plan for the future. She is down to earth and understands that sometimes "life happens", and has greatly helped me get back on track after some tough financial times. Ahna is always there to answer my financial questions, big or small, and I know that I can trust that she'll point me in the right direction. Ahna is a financial godsend!

    - Alexa, Portland OR

    The time Ahna made to talk with me about my financial situation, not only proved how insightful she is, it shed light on how empathetic and genuine she is. Her knowledge and advice were valuable and her encouragement to apply a few simple tactics to save money and set tangible goals, made a real dent in my financial situation. I appreciate knowing she has my back and am thankful for her counsel.

    - Chris, Bend OR


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