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Setting Money Goals as a Family

When we talk about our money, we often tote it up as an adult conversation that either isn’t appropriate to involve our kids in, or wouldn’t be interesting to them. While there are some topics that are too lofty for their little ears, that doesn’t mean we have to leave them out of the conversation completely. When you’re working towards a money goal, don’t be afraid to include the whole family, including your kids! What could be better than them seeing you set a goal and work to achieve it, and better yet, be a part of it? Here are some tactical ways to set goals for the new year that you and your family can work together to achieve!

For these specific points, I’m going to use the example of a family that’s cutting back on eating out at restaurants to save up for a trip to Disneyland!

Start Early

You don’t have to wait to set goals, and you don’t have to wait to start achieving them either! If there’s something you want to accomplish next year, don’t wait until the end of December to start thinking about it. Get the plan hammered out now, and heck, just start if the time is right! Get that Disneyland jar set-up in the kitchen, add your first $100, and hype up the excitement!

Write Them Down

There's nothing more powerful than writing your goals down and keeping them somewhere visible for the whole family to see. Talk about them often, and how excited you are to be working towards them even if the work isn’t always easy.

Start Small

Although cutting out restaurants completely from your budget for an entire year may be music to Dave Ramsey’s ears, it’s going to be an extreme shock to the system (and routine) if you currently eat out on the norm. These kinds of drastic cuts scream unsustainability. Instead, I suggest starting small. Try cutting back to once a week the first month, and then go down to twice a month and so on.

Focus on the Fun

Deprivation mindset comes in when you focus on what you’re missing out on. Everyone else is relaxing on a Friday night ordering takeout, why do I have to be in the kitchen cooking? Kick that mindset by focusing on the fun of the situation! Set theme nights and cook with recipes from around the world. Make Friday nights homemade pizza nights and get the kids involved. Turn on your favorite show or music while prepping and chopping. There ordinary doesn’t have to be a drag if you don’t let it!

Work as a Team

Don't be afraid to get the whole family involved! It creates a sense of accountability, support and motivation. When you’re feeling burned out or unmotivated, talk about it and let other members of your family lift you up (and do the same for them).

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